Laurus Real Estate agency / SERVICES


Our real estate agents use accumulated knowledge and experience to:

  • organize the process of your property sale, rent and purchase
  • consult clients on RE matters  
  • perform RE property search efficiently



In collaboration with our clients we offer:

  • property valuation
  • advertisement
  • potential client search
  • property review
  • negotiation
  • assistance in document clearance
  • representing clients‘ interests in signing the lease and other RE matters



When referring to our employees you can be absolutely sure that with their help/contribution  you will find out the exact price of your property. As we face RE Market every single day, we can determine the) price of your property fairly and accurately.



Our clients refer to us because sales document clearance is a time- consuming and costly process. In cooperation with our partners, we can help you to get the following documents:

  • certification of energy performance
  • permission of the court to sell property
  • community certificate of debt absence